Royal Bard

In Person Competition

This competition provides opportunities for contestants to perform in a variety of formats: song, story, poetry, instrumental music, and/or dramatic recitation. This competition also provides opportunities for performers to exhibit original and period pieces.
Requirements for the overall contest:
Three pieces with a maximum time of 5 minutes each
  1. A period piece with documentation
  2. A new composition in honor of the Kingdom of Atlantia
  3. A piece of your own choosing that demonstrates one or more of your best skills
Requirements for performances:
  • One piece must be a song or an instrumental
  • The other two entries are the choice of the contestant; however, you may not perform three in the same genre. One piece has to be different from the other two. You may do two from the same genre, but the strongest entries will show variety and versatility.
  • Each of the three pieces must be performed by the entrant alone, without live or prerecorded accompanist.
Other requirements/information:
  • Each contestant must submit a 3-5 sentence statement about how they view the role of the Royal Bard, what the contestant would bring to the position, and how they will serve the Kingdom.
  • Finalists may be asked to perform again. The new Royal Bard(s) will be announced at Evening Court.
  • Documentation for the period piece should include the culture that produced the original, its place and date of composition, and information about the author, if possible. All documentation should be annotated and include a bibliography documenting the sources used.
  • For pieces in languages other than English, please provide an English translation with your documentation.
  • If documentation is appropriate for any of the other pieces, please feel free to include it.
  • Original pieces are encouraged as well. Furthermore, in all of your entries, you are welcome to look beyond Western Europe and traditional bardic fare.
  • This is a public competition. As Royal Bard, you will be performing and interacting with the public regularly. Part of the competition will be how the audience responds to you.
Information about how to sign up for the contest is forthcoming. The deadline will be Friday, December 23 at 11:59 pm.
Please direct questions to Lady Elizabeth de Spaldyng & Lord Simon de Spaldyng, current Royal Bards of Atlantia.

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