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Les Jours de Fête

Good Day gracious patrons of Twelfth Night 2023, I, HL Adair of Makyswell will be serving as your Reservationist and Gate Minister.  It will be my responsibility to make your Gate adventure as easy as possible while meeting all guidelines as established by the Kingdom of Atlantia and

First and foremost it is the wish of the Autocrat and the Staff of Twelfth Night that you enjoy your visit and find the surroundings comfortable and entertaining.


For any questions, please contact the reservationist.

Contact Information for your Reservationist and Gate Minister:

HL Adair of Makyswell
(561) 315-7289 or on Messenger
Catherine Yvonne King



Adult, Member: $20.00
Adult, Non-Member: $25.00
Youth (5 - 17): $10.00
Child (0 - 4): $0.00
Feast (all ages): $15.00


For the Youth of Atlantia – should you be traveling with a minor and are not their parent or guardian, please follow the necessary instructions below.

Medical Authorization for Minors - Must be notarized

Instructions for Parents


  1. For Kingdom Events sponsored by the Kingdom, Event Refunds shall be provided as follows:
    i. Feast refund will be provided if the feast spot was resold to another attendee.
    ii. Other fees may be refunded based upon a decision by the Atlantian Council of the Exchequer.
    iii. The Kingdom Exchequer must receive refund requests in writing (email is acceptable) no later than five (5) business days after the event.
    iv. All refunds shall be paid by check from the Atlantian checking account.
    v. No refund shall be issued until the event books have been closed and all reservation checks have cleared.
    vi. No refund shall be issued if the event has not made a profit. This policy may be waived by unanimous vote of the Kingdom Financial Committee in cases of event cancellation or other extreme circumstances, provided that such action does not put the Kingdom in financial jeopardy.

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