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14th century women admiring a golden peacock

Riding Before a Prince

Sponsored by: Mistress Morgan Wolfsinger

Twelfth Night is a time to show your best while having a grand party. This may not be an Equestrian event, but you can still ‘Ride before a Prince’. Bring your best trained hobby (stick) horse and show how well you move together in 5 minutes or less before the judges (think 16th century dressage). There will be a prize for the one who rides the best.  For further info on how this was done see this most excellent website:


For more info on modern hobbyhorsing, see:


1) Tyron Resort Official Guide to American Hobby Horse (TM) at

2) Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships 2023 at


Contact Mistress Morgan Wolfsinger at for more info.


Tempore Atlantia Competition

The time period for Tempore Atlantia at Twelfth Night will be 100-1350 AD. Any form of Art or Scientific endeavor which fits the time period is welcome, and you may enter your work in the competition, or to put it out for display only. You are welcome to have more than one entry or display.


While pre-registration is not required, in order to help us to place space for the event, we do ask that, if possible, you drop a note to, and let us know about how much space we should allow for your entry(s).


Further information about Tempore Atlantia can be found at



Challenge display: Pastimes and Pleasurable Pursuits


This open display challenge will focus on activities to pass the winter days.  Examples include but are not limited to: game boards and pieces, poetry, embroidery, musical compositions, etc. Entrants may enter completed items or items in progress.


This is not a judged competition, so documentation is encouraged, but not required. We would love to see the original inspirations for your display (a printout or a QR code to a digital image are both acceptable). Atlantia EZ Docs is acceptable documentation, and templates may be found at


Prizes will be awarded for Queen’s Choice, Princess’s Choice, and Populace Choice.

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