Light French and Spanish Fare

14th Century feast imageThe Coquille Taverne pavilion will be set up from 11-4 serving light French and Spanish fare for donations. They will serve out a lunch of Pilgrim Fare from 12-1:30 to benefit the Kingdom Travel Fund for a minimum donation of $5. Please pre-register here.

In the time of Abran and Anya, the first of Their Names, many Atlantians were moved to travel in search of enlightenment and to better themselves as the Mighty Kingdom came out of the darkness imposed by years of Plague and Warfare. As they sought the Light they found companionship along the way, places where other Pilgrims stopped to break bread and rest. Stories and songs flowed as freely as the mead in those days.

So it is that on this 12th Night Celebration, as the citizens of Fair Atlantia pushed aside the Darkness of Winter, Patronne Murienne greets and feeds many at the Coquille Taverne, sitting as it does on the border lands between France and Spain. She is assisted in these efforts by her associates of Fait Accompli.

Delectable dishes from both cultures will be served in the pavilion on the event lawn where they are also hosting the Royal Bard competition if the weather is fit.

Come enjoy good food and spend time in laughter and song as we find the Light together.


A Fabulous Sit-Down Banquet for 140

14th Century Feast

Lord Charles Fleming and House Flaming Chicken are preparing a sumptuous feast of 14th century French cuisine.

The Feast has sold out, but there is a waiting list. When you register online, you can choose to be added to it.

If you received a confirmation that you are registered for the feast, please go to this Google Sheets form and choose your seat.

Menu and Dietary Restrictions

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Menu & Dietary Restrictions

Food Purity Pledge

As far as possible, everything in this feast will be made from scratch–absolutely no canned broth, bouillon, or anything containing modern flavor enhancers or dyes. We may not raise all our meat, vegetables and dairy, but they are the purest we can afford. The bread flour is organic from Lindley Mill in Graham. Honey is from local bees. In particular, we check all our meats to ensure they are not “enhanced with a solution” of God-knows-what. We have the dairy containers if you want to read the labels.
We do our best to segregate meat from wheat and dairy, but everything will come out of one kitchen. Dust and crumbs might travel.
Fowl will be prepared before red meat, so there won’t be pork juice on your goose.
We have no soy or soy products in any of our dishes. We have no shellfish in any of our dishes.
Could there be sulfites in the wine or dried fruit? Yes.
We don’t use canola oil. We are cooking with light olive oil or butter. If you are sensitive to olives, please let the kitchen know and we’ll advise you on what to avoid.​

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