Royal Bard

Kingdom Bardic Competition 2024

Sponsored by: Lady Diana of Viroconium (Rose Bard) and Lady Thórvé Skáld Rikardsdottir (Crown Bard)

Calling all singers, storytellers, wandering minstrels and those who practice the Bardic arts.   The Kingdom of Atlantia will soon be searching for a new King’s Bard and a new Queen’s Bard.   Join us at Twelfth Night on Saturday, January 13, 2024 in Yadkinville, NC to display your talents before the Atlantian royalty and compete for this coveted prize.

To participate in this competition, you must prepare three performances.

  • A period entertainment documentable to pre 1600 CE.   This could be a song, story, poem, instrumental piece, theatrical speech or other type of performance that was (or could have been) seen by audiences in the middle ages.  Documentation should include the source of the piece and if the source is primary or secondary.  Documentation can be written or verbal.
  • A crowd pleaser. This performance should be something you might do if asked at the last minute to entertain before court or sing for their majesties during feast.   Attendees at Twelfth Night will be invited to witness this performance so you have an audience to win over.  No documentation required.
  • Bard’s Best. Perform for their majesties your favorite bardic piece/activity.   This should be one that showcases your range of abilities to the crown.  It can be period or a SCA favorite.   No documentation required.



Requirements for performances:

- You may NOT perform all three selection in the same genre. You may do two from the same genre, but the third must be different.  The strongest entries will show variety and versatility.

- Each of the three pieces must be performed by the entrant alone, without live or prerecorded accompanist.


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