1500 AD-1600 AD

For the remainder of the reign of King Eckehard and Queen Jane, the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences will offer a token of appreciation to those who incorporate some element that celebrates Atlantia’s 40th anniversary. For example, cast 40 buttons or weave an “XL” into a border design.
Individuals may bring as many items as they wish to participate in a Tempore Atlantia exhibition. The only criterion will be that those items be from 1500 AD-1600 AD. We hope that the Kingdom’s Laurels, Pearls, and others will make it a regular part of their event day to visit the display area and perhaps leave comments and/or tokens for participants.
There will also be an option to post entries online, subject to available technology. Details will be announced in advance of the competition.
Entrants will be able to mark their items as “non-competitive” (display-only) if they choose.

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