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14th Century Clothing- MOAS

Our Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences (MOAS) oversees a curated library of online references and resources. With 84 links on 14th C clothing alone, they are well worth exploring. Dive in!

Atlantian A&S Library

Fashion History Timeline - 14th Century

Bloshka is a great source for fashion and clothing. Instead of relying on re-drawings or interpretations, it collects loads of artwork from a time period and displays the images side-by-side. The hats alone are worth a visit.

Bloshka 14th Century

Period Illustrations Galore

14th century man and womanFor those of you considering 14th C French garb for 12th Night, here is a fantastic resource. Courtesy of the Medieval Advisor page on Facebook, here are 900+ high-resolution scans of medieval artwork relating to 14th C French clothing.

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