Roanoke Jail

Kingdom Travel Fundraiser

A message from the Autocrat:

Good afternoon Atlantia from Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn, your autocrat for Kingdom 12th Night.

Upon being made aware of concerns from some of the populace about the planned Jail Fundraiser activity and having no wish to cause any attendees distress, I have decided to cancel the Jail Fundraiser.

Please understand that the good gentles who planned the activity had no desire to harm anyone and meant it all in the spirit of fun. They do not deserve any condemnation and are in accordance with the cancellation.

If you have further questions or concerns please contact me directly via messenger.

In service to Atlantia and the Dream,

All proceeds from the jail will go towards the Kingdom Travel Fund, to aid our Monarchs in Their travels throughout our kingdom. Please bring small bills with you (preferably one dollar bills>), as change will be either little or not available. A form has been provided for you to print and fill out ahead of time but there will also be blanks available at the event for you to fill out. The location of the jail (on site) will be revealed at a later time. Here are the rules:

  1. You must be 18 years or older to participate.
  2. The Crowns, Their Heirs, The Royal Secretary, Head Retainers (or whatever title they are using) nor event staff or jail staff can be arrested.
  3. If someone is participating in an activity such as a bardic, they cannot be arrested until they are done with their song, story, etc.
  4. The maximum amount to be offered for an arrest is $8.00. The person being arrested MUST raise $1.00 above what was paid in order to have them arrested. (Example, if someone paid $4 to have you arrested, you have to raise $5 in order to get out of jail before the 1-hour deadline). There will be, in limited quantity, Get Out of Jail Free Tokens available, to be purchased for $1.00. You MUST purchase one before you are issued a warrant, if you wish to escape the shackles.
  5. In order to raise money to make your bail, you must beg passers-by for money to put towards your bail or rely on the generosity of those that ‘love’ you to get you out before the 1-hour deadline.
  6. No person can be arrested more than twice.
  7. The maximum amount of time of your detainment will be is ONE HOUR, whether you have raised your bail or not.
  8. If you have a warrant for your arrest and it has been read in your presence, you MUST comply with arriving at the jail (unless you have a Get Out of Jail Free Token, which you show to the High Constable or his deputies upon their arrival and the warrant is read). Please do not flee from our High Constable, you will only die tired.
  9. All monies donated immediately become the property of The Crown and will not be refunded. This comes into play if the person you wish to arrest has a Get Out of Jail Free Token.  If they have one, the money you put forth remains in the Kingdom Coffers.  Also, it is non-transferrable.
  10. The jail will open at Noon (unless Morning Court is still happening, if so, it will open following that) and run until 4:00 PM. The last arrests will take place at 3:00.  If 3:00 comes and you have not been arrested, you have escaped the shackles.
  11. For the charges, please keep them positive. For example, Jane Doe is being arrested because her food is beyond awesome, or Joe Public is being arrested because his songs bring tears of joy to others. Accuse people of being awesome!

We hope that everyone will have fun doing this activity and we are able to raise some money in the process for the good of our kingdom. May the odds be ever in your favor!

If you have any questions, please contact Baroness Edan Lowery directly at

 Arrest Warrant (printable PDF)

 Arrest Warrant  (fillable PDF)

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