Garb Runway:

The St. Anne's Guild of Clothiers' Garb Runway show is Back at 12th Night! Please join Lady Lady Francesca di Corso as our models show off their best Twelfth Night finery.

Who: The garb runway show is open to all ages, minors to be accompanied by a parent please.

What: Wear garb and walk in it before the audience to show off your work. You may walk in garb you made for yourself or have a model walk for you, though only the maker can win.

How: Please arrive with a short typed description of what you are wearing, type it please because the announcer will read what you bring. If you are wondering what to write here is an example.

Gentle's _______________ is wearing a( time period)_________ ensemble appropriate for a _______________social class. The garment is made from____________ with _________ trim/embroidery/ embellishments. Gentle is also wearing______________ made of____________. The inspiration/ historical documentation for this was taken from ___________ painting/list/record/ findings at ______ museum or site.

This is just a suggestion but two to three sentences would be ideal and leave the audience with a few bits of information to remember about each entrant.


Entrants will also have the option to bring more extensive documentation for the panel of judges to review. Entrants will have the option to meet after the show with the judges to point out details and discuss or ask advice. It is highly encouraged that contestants looking to win do bring documentation and meet with the judges as this is an ideal opportunity to speak in person about your garments.

NOTE: There will be two categories for winning, one for best outfit based on theme of the event, and one for best overall for any period. This way every persona is respected, even those who chose not to dress with the theme.

For questions please message Francesca di Corso on facebook or email at or find the St. Anne's Guild of Clothier's on Facebook.

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