Games Tourney

To Bet or Not to Bet, that is the question

A delegation from England have come to sample the fine Arabian culture. In return we would like to introduce traditional Elizabethan games of dice, cards and dominos to the locals.

We'll start with a one hour introduction to the games or you can join on the fly. Instructions will be available at all tables.

Sign up to get your betting tokens and enjoy 2 1/2 hours playing any of the 6 offered games. Stay for a while or the entire time. Each game is worth points for winning. The more you win the more points you earn! At the end of the 2.5 hours we'll tally up the points and the top 6 will go to the finals playing Goose - a time honored Elizabethan board game. The winner will take home the top prize with the other 5 also receiving a smaller purse.

Participants must register and be 16 or older to play. Tourney will start immediately following morning court.

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