Feast Information

Purity Pledge


As far as possible, everything in this feast will be made from scratch--absolutely no canned broth, bouillon, or anything containing modern flavor enhancers or dyes. We may not raise all our meat, vegetables and dairy, but they are the purest we can afford. The wheat flour is organic. Honey is from local bees. In particular, we check all our meats to ensure they are not "enhanced with a solution" of God-knows-what. We have the dairy containers if you want to read the labels.

We do our best to segregate meat from wheat and dairy, but everything will come out of one kitchen. Dust and crumbs might travel.

Fowl will be prepared before red meat, so there won't be pork juice on your chicken. We have no shellfish or shellfish products in any of our dishes.

All the ingredients will be posted.

Could there be sulfites in the wine and wine vinegar? Possibly. How about sulfites in the dried fruit (raisins and currants)? Probably.  Black pepper and nuts will be used in this feast, but not in everything.

Let us know in advance and we can try to serve yours without.

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