Arts and Sciences Champion

Atlantia is rich with many wise and talented Artisans and Scientists, and pray spread these words to each of them! We Need A Champion!

At 12th Night Their Royal Majesties will select a champion to represent the artisans and scientists of the Kingdom throughout the next year. This champion will specifically represent King Cuan and Queen Signy for Atlantia at Gulf Wars 2020.

Duties of the Arts & Science Champion are to compete in inter-kingdom events such as Gulf Wars & Pennsic and to encourage the growth of A&S throughout the Kingdom. It is an incredible opportunity to meet many talented individuals and both teach and learn from them.

If anyone has questions, please reach out to Lady Ellisif Gydasdottir, current champion.

Pre-registration is not required but please let Lady Ellisif know of the need for table space or any special setup requirements.
Atlantian Arts and Sciences Champion information.

More information on the Gulf Wars A&S Champion Warpoint.

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