The St. Anne's Guild of Clothiers is sponsoring a Garb Runway Challenge at Kingdom 12th Night on January 12, 2019 in the Barony of Marinus. Contestants interested in the challenge can sign up at the A&S table just like last year as it will be at the same site. This year the theme is 1001 Arabian Nights so middle eastern garb is encouraged as well as other cultures with creative inspiration drawn from the 1001 Arabian nights- be creative!

To enter, each contestant must present themselves in the outfit or have a model outfitted in their entry. Documentation is encouraged, but not necessary and will be accepted when the entry form is turned in. Please stop by the A&S area to pick up an entry form to fill out with a little information on your outfit which will be read by the announcer. Contestants or their models will then display their fabulous garb creations as they walk the runway for the judges and the populace as the description is read. Judges will then talk each contestant to ask about details of the garment. The winner will be announced in evening court. Exact time and details to follow.

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