Arts & Sciences Competitions

1001 Atlantian Nights will celebrate the grandeur of our history through the eyes of Atlantia’s Artists and Scientists.

Documentation is recommended.

Display space is provided for non-theme art and sciences.

The St. Anne's Guild of Clothiers is sponsoring a Garb Runway Challenge at Kingdom 12th Night on January 12, 2019 in the Barony of Marinus.

Through song, poem, or dance build a tale in the style of our inspiration (1001 Arabian Nights) with a teaching theme from Atlantian’s history that inspires us.

Using inspiration and techniques from 600-900 CE Abbasid Empire (Iraq) or its story tellers (Iran, Arabian Peninsula, and India) create a piece in your favorite medium (wood, fiber, metal, etc) that is still used by Atlantians.

Create a dish inspired by the 1001 Atlantian feasts or hospitalities you have seen.
What caught your tastebuds and encouraged you to write about it, experiment with it, recreate it in your own fashion?

Do the tales of the Arabian Nights whisper of technology and fanciful machines to our Scientists?
Tell us how these whispers grew into technology for later medieval people’s and show us how they work.

Tempore Atlantia will again be a feature of Twelfth Night.  The theme is 1500-1600s.
More information can be found here by clicking the link below:

To the Good Gentles of Atlantia does Baronin Daniela Schwartzhaupt send greetings.  With the cold winds starting to grace our lands, it is time to look towards the winter festivities.  As court secretary for their Majesties I have the great honor of sponsoring a scroll blank competition at Twelfth Night this coming January.
There will be three prizes.  One for the best illuminated capital, one for best illuminated border and an overall populace choice.
The following guidelines are that the scroll blanks must be made on either, smooth Bristol, Pergamenata or Arches Hot Press and they must have a space for text no smaller than 5”x7”.  Scrolls can be either 7.5”x9.5” or 10.5”x13.5” with at least a 3/4" border all around.

The new Royal Bard for the Kingdom of Atlantia will be chosen this day through a round of preliminary competitions beginning at 1:00 pm. The finalists will perform for Their Majesties and the winner will perform during evening feast.

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