Atlantian 12th Night 2021

Atlantian 12th Night

Hola Atlantia, ¡Bienvenido a 12th Night 2021!

Hello Atlantia, Welcome to 12th Night 2021!

Their Majesties, Anton and Luned, invite one and all to join them for Catalan Court at Castell de Cardona , a day of festival, festivity, and camaraderie on 9 January 2021!

Information will shortly be posted about music, dancing, arts, and craftsmanship as well as games and other diverse amusements.  And as always, there will be fantastic shopping opportunities. 

(Note: Due to current Society regulations this will be a mixed media event and not an in-person event) 

Handy Dandy Tip - go to - The Event Schedule and each item (court, bardics, socials) has a link to go to the event! 

10 January 2021

Good afternoon Fair Atlantia,

I hope that you all came and enjoyed the 12th Night festivities yesterday.

For those of you who may have missed things, there are still links available at the event website. (http://www.12thnight.atlantia.sca.org/)

Lady Scholastica Joycors can still take you into the past with her tale of "The Forgotten Reign". Enjoy Shakespearean Theatrics and revisit Their Majesties Royal Courts.

If you did not finish your shopping, the merchant links are still there and available. Thank you to Lady Laura Graley de la Moore for securing the merchants.

My most sincere thanks to the many wonderful people without whom this event could not have happened. Master Melchior zum grauen Wolf and Baron Alric the Mad, for their expertise, time and patience (mostly towards me). Much appreciation for their extra time and effort to help make the social rooms and bardics happen and flow smoothly.

Thank you to Baroness Margaret Lad and Lady Altani Bayar Vashir for their care of Newcomers. Thank you to Baroness Sophia Orange and her Troupe for putting together a wonderful theatrical performance on short notice. And thank you to Lady Nicolosa de Isenfir, Lady Sonya Flicker aka Patches, Morgan of the Burial Shrew, and Lady Catalina d'Isenfir for hosting the marvelous live Ball in the evening.

Thank you to Lady Marion le Red for coordinating Tempore Atlantia, to Lady Talia de Morales for coordinating the poetry competition, and to Lady Jeane Kilmeny for her assistance in coordinating efforts and smoothing the way.

Congratulations to the Kingdom bards both outgoing, Gideon Larsmið and Lady Elenor de la Rochelle alias Ela and new, Crown Bard Lord Hákon hábrók and Rose Bard Lady Nezhka Orshinaia.

Congratulations Lord Paganus Akritas for winning the Silver Wild Rose in the poetry competition and Lord Ishmael Stedfast Reed for winning the Golden Violet. All the entries were amazing and are still available on the 12th night web site.

To our Tempore Atlantia A&S Champion Duke Galmr Ingolfsson. To all the recipients of the Augmentation of the Narwhal and to all other recognized by Their August Majesties in Their Courts. Vivat Atlantia.

Personal note from Duchess Seonaid: Finally, my most special thanks to my partner in this endeavor, Maistreas Cellach Mór. I say partner, but truly, she was the load carrier. I am not tech-savvy and without her, this would have been a failed enterprise.

Personal note from Maistreas Cellach Mór: First thank you to Their Majesties Anton and Luned and Duchess Seonaid for entrusting me with the website. Thank you to everyone who sent me content! And a huge thank you to all who came out for the socials, it was great seeing your faces and hearing your stories. I look forward to seeing you all in the non-virtual world!

In service to Atlantia and the Dream,

Duchess Seonaid and Maistreas Cellach

News and Updates
all new information will be linked here

8 January 2021 - ScheduleFriday Bardic - TIME CHANGE to 7p.
7 January 2021 - Story added
7 January 2021 - Poetry entries available to view
7 January 2021 - Shakespearean Theatrics added. NEW!
5 January 2021 - Arts and Sciences page update.
3 January 2021 - Merchants added!
3 January 2021 - Mask Display info added!
3 January 2021 - Fashion Show info added!
2 January 2021 - Merchants added!
2 January 2021 - Schedule updated with links to bardic and courts.
2 January 2021 - Royal Bard competition play list added.
1 January 2021 - Table Decor display announced.
1 January 2021 - Royal Ball dance instruction playlist added.

24 December 2020 - Royal Bard deadline extended!
24 December 2020 - Merchants added!
13 December 2020 - Royal Bard update - link to enter is open!
8 December 2020 - Schedule updated
8 December 2020 - Poetry Competition updated
8 December 2020 - Royal Bard updated
4 December 2020 - Jessamyn’s Handy Sources for 13th century Spanish Clothing
4 December 2020 - Newcomers Point information added
4 December 2020 - Merchants listing and application added

28 November 2020 - Royal Ball announced
28 November 2020 - Poetry Competition announced
22 November 2020 - Royal Bard information added
22 November 2020 - Tempore Atlantia updated

17 August 2020 - Tempore Atlantia announced.

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